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January 2005
Irony and Elegy:
The War Writing of Paul Fussell
Five Classic World War Two Memoirs
The Writing Yorkshireman:
Collecting Eric Knight
Book Collecting Fundamentals:
Book Collecting Terms
Ten Years Ago: Charles Bukowski
Books into Film: Mrs. Miniver

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February 2005
From Dreams to Reality:
Spaceflight in Modern Nonfiction
Collecting Richard Powers
Ka-Boom! Or, the End of the World
Book Collecting Fundamentals:
Why Collect Books?
Ten Years Ago: Alice Walker
Books into Film: The High & the Mighty

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March 2005
Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Checklist of First and Major Editions
Collecting Daphne du Maurier
Daphne du Maurier: A Checklist
Book Collecting Fundamentals:
The What and Why of First Editions
Ten Years Ago: Evelyn Waugh
Books into Film: Rebecca
Add to Cart April 2005
Introduction to the Opera
Curtains at the Opera: Opera Mysteries
Collecting Donna Leon
Donna Leon: A Checklist
Book Collecting Fundamentals:
What Should I Collect?
Ten Years Ago: James A. Michener
Books into Film: Enrico Caruso: His Life and Death/The Great Caruso
Add to Cart May 2005
Collecting Connie Willis
Connie Willis: A Checklist of First Editions
Dark Prince: Collecting Fritz Leiber
A Fritz Leiber Checklist
Book Collecting Fundamentals:
Where Do I Find the Books?
Ten Years Ago: Wallace Stegner
Books into Film: Flowers for Algernon/CHARLY
Add to Cart June 2005
Collecting John le Carré
More Decorated Leather Bindings
Baby-faced Hit Man: Michael Dobbs
The A.B.A.A. Benevolent Fund
Book Collecting Fundamentals:
What's My Book Worth?
Ten Years Ago: James M. Cain
Books into Film: This Gun for Hire
Add to Cart September 2005
Collecting Morley Callaghan
We Sail The Ocean Blue:
An Annotated Patrick O’Brian Checklist
First Editions on Film, 2004
If It’s Not a Book…What’s It Doing in a Book Collection?
Ten Years Ago: Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Books into Film: The Sundowners
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October 2005
Collecting Frederik Pohl
Frederik Pohl: A Checklist of First Editions
Science Fiction Review: 2004
Ten Years Ago: Dan Simmons
Books into Film: I, Robot


Add to Cart November 2005
Heirs of Ellis Peters: The Medieval Murderers
The Medieval Murderers: An Annotated Checklist
Ellis Peters' Brother Cadfael Revisited
The Dandy Detective: The Regency Mysteries of Kate Ross
Fundamentals of Book Collecting: Part Eight: Protecting My Investment -- Part Two, Shelving
Books into Film: Clash by Night
Add to Cart December 2005
Riding into Adventure: The Black Stallion Books
Collecting James Herriot: “A Right Decent Feller”
All Authors Great and Small
It’s Christmas Crime
The Fundamentals of Book Collecting
Part Nine: Storage
Books into Film: Whistle down the Wind