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January 2006
Collecting Saul Bellow
Collection-Building 101
Worthy of Remembrance: Walter Karig
Collecting a Circle
Gather & Bind:
The Fundamentals of Book Collecting Part Ten: Insurance
Ten Years Ago: Stephen Crane
Books into Film: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

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February 2006
Damon Runyon: Gentleman Liar
The Films of Damon Runyon
Damon Runyon: An Annotated Checklist of Core First Editions
Jazz Memoirs
Ten Years Ago: Elmore Leonard
Books into Film: Young Man with a Horn
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March 2006
Collecting H. P. Lovecraft
Update: Collecting Robert E. Howard
Collecting Joe Haldeman
Ten Years Ago: Richard Brautigan
Books into Film: One Who Walked Alone/The Whole Wide World
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Rex Stout: An American Original
Collecting Georgette Heyer
Ten Years Ago: M. F. K. Fisher
Books into Film: Hold Back the Dawn
Add to Cart May 2006
Collecting Charles Bowden
Charles Bowden: A Checklist of First Editions
Poker Renaissance: America’s Card Game and Its Best Books
Poker: An Annotated Checklist of a Core Collection
Ten Years Ago: A. B. Guthrie Jr.
Books into Film: The Cincinnati Kid
Add to Cart Jun 2006
Herman Melville: The American Writer
Herman Melville: A Checklist of First Editions
Nathaniel Philbrick: From Nantucket to the Seven Seas
Building a Poor Man’s Morgan Library
Ten Years Ago: Mickey Spillane
Books into Film: The Hurricane
Add to Cart Sep 2006
The Soul of the American Road
Simon Winchester: The Man with
the Grasshopper Mind
Simon Winchester: A Checklist of First Editions
Portrait of an Innovative Collector
Ten Years Ago: Tim O’Brien
Books into Film: The Lost Weekend
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Oct 2006
Collecting Charles Portis
Charles Portis: A Checklist of First Editions
Jazz Memoirs, Part II
Black, Brown and Shades of Gray: Firsts in Film 2005
Ten Years Ago: Andre Norton
Books into Film: The Hustler


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Special Robert A. Heinlein Issue
Introduction & Biography
An Annotated Checklist of the Primary First Editions
The Books: Collecting Robert A. Heinlein
Ten Years Ago: Stuart Palmer and Craig Rice
Books into Film: Starship Troopers
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Dec 2006
Nancy Drew & Mildred Wirt Benson: A Mystery Revealed
Collecting Nancy Drew
Time and the Tesseract: The Books of
Madeleine L’Engle
Madeleine L’Engle: A Selected Bibliography
Ten Years Ago: Carson McCullers
Books into Film: The Three Godfathers