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January 2007
John Steinbeck Special Issue
• Introduction and Brief Biography
• The Books
• The Ephemera
Ten Years Ago: Sherwood Anderson
Books into Film: The Grapes of Wrath
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February 2007
The Literature of Place
Collecting Nelson DeMille
The Books of Nelson DeMille:
A Checklist of Primary First Editions
On the Lookout for Chinese Pirates
Ten Years Ago: John O’Hara
Books into Film: In a Lonely Place
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March 2007
Collecting Evolution:
The Development of Evolutionary Theory
A Selected Checklist
Collecting Nancy Kress
A Quick Look at Recent Science Fiction and Fantasy
Ten Years Ago: Ayn Rand
Books into Film: When Worlds Collide
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Evan Hunter, Ed McBain (and All): A Special Issue
• Brief Biography
• An Annotated Checklist of the Primary First Editions
• Evan Hunter on Film
Ten Years Ago: Theodore Dreiser
Books into Film: The Birds
Add to Cart May 2007
Collecting Willa Cather
Conrad Richter:
Living to Tell Tales
Ten Years Ago: Max Brand
Books into Film: The Sea of Grass
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Collecting Paul Theroux
Blue Chips Revisited
The Day I Became a Book Collector
Ten Years Ago: P. D. James
Books into Film: The Innocent Voyage/A High Wind in Jamaica
Add to Cart September 2007
Bernard DeVoto’s America
Writing and the Mind of Man
Ten Years Ago: E. L. Doctorow
Books into Film: Bend of the Snake/Bend of the River
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October 2007
Collecting Robert M. Coates
Hemingway’s Book Collecting Doctor
Andrea Barrett: The Science of Writing
Ten Years Ago: Leigh Brackett
Books into Film: Islands in the Stream


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Collecting Loren D. Estleman
Firsts in Film 2006
Ten Years Ago: George P. Pelecanos
Books into Film: Night Cry/Where the Sidewalk Ends
Add to Cart December 2007
Laughing with Betty MacDonald
Betty MacDonald: The Children’s Books
Goodbye, Harry? [Harry Potter]
Charles Dickens: Ten Years On
Ten Years Ago: Jessamyn West
Books into Film: The World of Henry Orient