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January 2010
Rachel Carson: Coming to Terms with Nature
Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us
Collecting the Pearl of Denmark: Isak Dinesen
Isak Dinesen: An Annotated Checklist of First American Editions
Books into Film:Out of Africa
Ten Years Ago: Henry Miller
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February 2010
Writing and the Mind of Man
A Gift Within: Collecting Toni Morrison
Toni Morrison: A Checklist of First Editions
Four Lives: Contemporary Literary Memoirs
Books into Film: The Brick Foxhole / Crossfire
Ten Years Ago: F. Scott Fitzgerald
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March 2010
Collecting Michael Chabon
Michael Chabon: A Checklist of First Editions
Picking Up the Trash
The “New Candidates” Checklist
Books into Film: Raintree County
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April 2010
Triple Threat: Baynard Kendrick
Baynard Kendrick: A Checklist of First Editions
Collecting Robert B. Parker
Robert B. Parker: A Lightly Annotated Checklist of the Primary First Editions
Books into Film: Appaloosa
Ten Years Ago: Raymond Chandler

Add to Cart May 2010
What’s the Deal About Sylvia Plath?
Sylvia Plath: A Selected Checklist of Her First Editions
Who Cares About Olive Higgins Prouty?
Olive Higgins Prouty: An Annotated Checklist of Her First Editions
Books into Film: The Snake Pit
Add to Cart June 2010
Ivan Doig: Story-Teller from the Big Sky
No Walk in the Park: Collecting Nevada Barr
In Search of Unknown Worlds
Ten Years Ago: Walter Satterthwait
Books into Film: The Milagro Beanfield War
Add to Cart September 2010
Collecting George Armstrong Custer
Ernest Haycox: Taking the Western Novel to Its Limits
Ernest Haycox: Checklists of the First Editions
Covered Wagon Women
Ten Years Ago: James Thurber
Books into Film: The Stalking Moon
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October 2010
Science Fiction Issue
The World According to J. G. Ballard
J. G. Ballard: A Checklist of His First Editions
Hugo Award-Winning Novels: A Checklist of First Editions
Books into Film: Fantastic Voyage


Add to Cart November 2010
The Meanest Streets: Dennis Lehane’s Boston
Hard Cases in Soft Covers
Hard Case Crime: A Checklist
Firsts in Film 2009
Ten Years Ago: Dashiell Hammett
Books into Film: 5 Against the House
Add to Cart December 2010
Walter R. Brooks’ Freddy the Pig Series
The Barnyard as Political Arena: George Orwell vs. Walter R. Brooks
Freddy’s First Editions: An Annotated Checklist
Kurt Wiese: Illustrator
Books into Film: Bambi