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January 2011
Eugene O’Neill: America’s First Great Playwright
Long Day’s Journey into Books: Bibliographical Forays into the Life and Works of Eugene O’Neill
A Checklist of Eugene O’Neill’s First Editions
Eugene O’Neill on Broadway, 1920-1934
Books into Film: The Iceman Cometh/Long Day’s Journey into Night
Previously in Firsts: Jack Finney; Robertson Davies
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February 2011
Collecting Eudora Welty
Eudora Welty: A Checklist of First and Notable Editions
Collecting Connections
Seriously Funny: Lorrie Moore
Books into Film: Sanctuary / The Story of Temple Drake
Previously in Firsts: John McPhee & Evan Hunter; Jim Tully & Maxwell Anderson
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March 2011
Charlotte Armstrong: America’s Queen of Suspense
Charlotte Armstrong: A Briefly Annotated Checklist of First Editions
Nine Neglected Noirs
Previously in Firsts: Shirley Jackson and Robert Penn Warren; Rafael Sabatini
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April 2011
Collecting David Lavender
Collecting Literary Ephemera
Cheyenne Autumn: A Special Books into Film
Previously in Firsts: Anne Tyler and James Hilton; Clive Cussler
and John Le Carré

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Collecting Walter D. Edmonds:
A Leisurely Trek Along the Towpath
Walter D. Edmonds: An Annotated Checklist of First Editions
Low Bridge! Fifteen (or so) Books on the Erie Canal
Previously in Firsts: Mari Sandoz and Walter Van Tilburg Clark; Rick Bass and Thornton Wilder
Books into Film: Rome Haul / The Farmer Takes a Wife
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T. Jefferson Parker
T. Jefferson Parker: An Annotated Checklist
Neglected Noirs of the 1950s
What is an ISBN?
Previously in Firsts: Dorothy B. Hughes and James M. Cain; Ray Bradbury
Books into Film: The Drowning Pool
Add to Cart September 2011
Collecting James Hilton
James Hilton: A Checklist of First Editions
The Remarkable Lattimore Family: Owen Lattimore, Eleanor Frances Lattimore, Richmond Lattimore
Previously in Firsts: Edward Abbey and Jesse Stuart
Books into Film: The Rains Came / The Rains of Ranchipur
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October 2011
Stephen King, Special Issue Part 1
An Introduction: Stephen King, 1947 to 1974
A Chronology and Annotated Checklist of a Core First Edition Collection, 1974-1989
Firsts in Film 2010
Previously in Firsts: Philip José Farmer and Richard Matheson


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Stephen King, Special Issue Part 2
A Chronology and Annotated Checklist of a Core First Edition Collection, 1990-2011
The “Other Kings”
Stephen King Out Loud: The Legacy of Frank Muller
Collecting the Dark Tower Series
Previously in Firsts: Phoebe Atwood Taylor and Cornell Woolrich; George R. R. Martin and George Orwell
Add to Cart December 2011
N. C. Wyeth: Illustration as Pure Art
N. C. Wyeth’s Scribner’s Illustrated Classics
Wyeth’s Other “Illustrated Classics”
Jean Hersholt: Actor and Book Collector
Books into Film: The Trail of the Lonesome Pine