January 2011
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Eugene O’Neill: America’s First Great Playwright

Long Day’s Journey into Books
This special issue begins with “Bibliographical Forays into the Life and Works of Eugene O’Neill.” According to O’Neill, who won four Pulitzer Prizes and the Nobel Prize for Literature, “The theatre should reveal to us who we are.”

A Checklist of Eugene O’Neill’s First Editions
O’Neill’s bibliography is complex, since many of his early plays were published in compilations. While some of the early first edition dust wrappers are nearly impossible to find, first editions of most of his greatest works are findable in collector’s condition.

Eugene O’Neill on Broadway, 1920-1934
An evaluation of O’Neill’s most productive period seen from the perspective of eight plays produced on Broadway during the years 1920-1934. The plays from this period are provocative, varied, and unlike anything previously seen in the American theatre.

Books into Film
The Iceman Cometh/Long Day’s Journey into Night

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