September 2011
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T. Jefferson Parker
One of only three mystery writers who have won two Edgar Allan Poe Awards for Best Novel, T. Jefferson Parker grew up in Orange County, California, the setting for both his winners, Silent Joe and California Girl. All of his heroes share a sense of decency in the midst of chaos, brutality and absolute evil. As fellow mystery writer John T. Lescroart said, “If T. Jefferson Parker isn’t the best crime writer in America, I don’t know who is.”

Neglected Noirs of the 1950s
“Noir” films and the books that gave rise to them were part of a cultural shift that occurred during World War Two and its aftermath. In the March issue we chose films released in the 1940s that are not readily available in the home entertainment marketplace and their source books, which have been largely ignored. In Part Two, we continue to the end of the noir era in the 1950s.

What is an ISBN?
The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) found today on the copyright page of most every regularly published book was developed as a device to identify each edition in the digital age. Is it important to a book collector?

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Books into Film
The Drowning Pool

Books into Film
The Rains Came / The Rains of Ranchipur

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