May 2011
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Collecting Walter D. Edmonds:
A Leisurely Trek Along the Towpath

During his long career as a novelist and historian Walter D. Edmonds earned a unique place among American writers. His masterpiece, Drums Along the Mohawk, is an authoritative evocation of frontier life in upstate New York during the Revolutionary War. In three painstakingly researched novels about life on the Erie Canal—Rome Haul, Erie Water and Chad Hanna—he depicted a lifestyle that has long since disappeared. Some critics believe that Edmonds’ short stories are his finest accomplishments.

Low Bridge! Fifteen (or so) Books
on the Erie Canal
A selection of the essential books written about “Clinton’s Ditch.” Among them are books by Samuel Hopkins Adams who, after his friend Walter D. Edmonds, was the best known chronicler of Canal days. “Everybody Down!”

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