November 2011
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Stephen King, Special Issue Part 2
When Stephen King emerged from his recovery from drug and alcohol addictions, a big question remained. Would he be able to write? The answer was yes, and he was better than ever.

A Chronology and Annotated Checklist of a Core First Edition Collection, 1990-2011. King was the most popular writer in the world during the 1980s, and a major force in popular culture. His popularity continued into the 1990s and the new millennium, as book after book rose to the top of The New York Times best-seller list.

The “Other” Kings. The Kings are a storytelling family. The most celebrated among them is, of course, Stephen, but his wife, Tabitha, and their sons, Joe and Owen, are also published writers, and the talent in the family does not end with them.

Stephen King Out Loud: The Legacy of Frank Muller. Stephen King has said that the true test of writing is being read aloud. He passed the exam easily with the audio performances of the great Frank Muller, whose career was cut cruelly short.

Collecting The Dark Tower Series. King’s massive seven-volume epic, considered by many fans to be his magnum opus, offers many different combinations and permutations to first edition collectors.

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