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Now you can order your copy of Books Into Film directly from Firsts and have it personalized or, if you prefer, simply signed and dated by Robin H. Smiley.

Affectionately and carefully written, it should thrill the hearts of book and film buffs alike. The intelligent and personal essays are knowledgeable, but never pedantic, opinionated, but never narrow. A book best read slowly, to be savored for the memories it can reclaim for us, as well as the obscure treasures to which it can point the way.
—Publishers Weekly

Zingy commentary. Smiley’s praise for half-forgotten or supporting actors may be the best part of each entry.
—The Washington Post

Let me warn you at the outset: This book is addictive. Books Into Film keeps its readers poised between rushing to the next chapter and rushing to the video shop.
—Arizona Daily Star

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